This week is TRIO Week, and today’s theme is “Share Your Favorite TRIO Memory,” so we wanted to share a few of the Dream Team memories brought up by some of our alumni in their Alumni Spotlights!

“One of my favorite memories of the Dream Team is attending workshops and discussing goals and aspirations with the other students. It was a helpful way of establishing goals and getting to know my peers. I particularly remember the team-building activities that we were asked to complete at these workshops and how enriching they were to the Dream Team community.”

Alexia M., Northridge Class of 2022


“For me, the people are the most important. Visiting college with high school colleagues, building life-long friendships, and finding mentors I still connect with to this day. The Greeley Dream Team scholarship interview and selection process were also some of my favorite times. In the interview process, I had the opportunity to better connect with Stephanie Torrez, who has been a mentor of mine since I can remember. The scholarship itself – along with other scholarships and working three jobs during my undergraduate experience – provided my family and me the financial support to pay for college without the need for loans.”

– Cristóbal G., Greeley West Class of 2003


“My favorite memories from the Dream Team are all the college field trips we took and all the study groups that helped me feel like I mattered and could go anywhere in this world.”

– Adriana O., Jefferson Class of 2016



“Visiting all the universities and colleges around Colorado and Wyoming. I really enjoyed visiting CU-Denver’s Anschutz campus, and we learned how to sew a wound on a banana.”

– Paloma B., Greeley Central Class of 2013



“One of my favorite memories of the Dream Team was the workshops. At the workshops, it gave me a chance to speak with the Advisor, and it also gave me a chance to work and connect with my peers. Because of the workshops, I have also learned more information that has been beneficial to me out in the world.”

– Claudia M., Northridge Class of 2019



“What stuck with me most was the field trip we took to the Cesar Chavez Center at the University of Northern Colorado. That trip was part of the spark that inspired and motivated me to apply for college.”

– Anthony L., Greeley West Class of 2001


“One of my favorite memories from Dream Team has been the amazing Advisors; the love, support, and advice they provided helped me believe in myself throughout high school.”

– Maria B., Northridge Class of 2018



“One of my favorite memories of Dream Team has to be all the help I received during middle school and high school. I had no idea how to navigate scholarships, let alone college applications, and the Dream Team made it incredibly helpful with all the workshops and one-on-one meetings to help students like myself navigate these applications and future decisions. I also really enjoy the annual Alumni picnics. I am lucky to have been able to attend each one hosted since graduating high school, and I love to meet new Alumni and see familiar faces and catch up with others.”

– Yessica R., Greeley Central Class of 2016



“Being exposed to the real possibility of being able to attend college made it a reality for me. I remember teachers and counselors mentioning college throughout elementary and middle school, but it seemed unattainable. Having the Advisors I had and going on the campus visits truly made a difference in my life.”

– Florencio B., Northridge Class of 2007


“The most beneficial activities to me are the ones around paying for college and how to be successful in academics while balancing other aspects of my life. Learning about different ways I can pay for college has encouraged me to not give up on my dreams of being a college graduate.”

– Aaliyah B., Greeley Central Class of 2020