It’s scholarship season! Many applications are due in March, so now is the time to make that application shine.

Here are some tips for making sure your scholarship application stands out:

  • Scholarships vary in what they require. It’s important to pay attention to the requirements for every scholarship you apply for.
  • Organize your applications based on which ones will take the most time. Essay applications or those that require a cover letter will require more time than one that asks you to fill out a survey. Prioritize the longer applications.
  • Remember to not limit yourself to just one kind of scholarship. There are plenty of categories out there! Make sure to look into scholarships for agriculture, art, athletics, community service, culture, engineering, military service members, writers, and so much more! As long as they pertain to your interests and you are qualified, give it a shot!
  • Take your time. Make sure your writing is original. Take the time to write it all yourself, and don’t forget to go back and proofread! Have a teacher or mentor proofread it for you, too!
  • If you’re an artist, consider creating a portfolio to showcase your talents! Create a print portfolio with examples of your art (writing, photographs, pottery, paintings, drawings, designs, performances, etc.) or create a digital one on a platform like Wix, WordPress, or Weebly. This will be an excellent addition to the rest of your application.
  • When asked for letters of recommendation, give the people you’re asking notice well in advance so they can set aside time to write for you. Remember to not submit letters of recommendation from friends or family members, and make sure they’re sent on letterhead.
  • If the application is over email, use a professional email address. A good rule of thumb is to create an email that is just your name without any numbers or other words. Some examples are:
  • If a section says “optional,” do it anyway! If the application page says something like “resume optional” or “letters of recommendation optional” submit them anyway!

As always, if you have any questions as you work through this process, reach out to your advisor! Check out our scholarship list for up-to-date deadlines here!