Discovery: The Peer Leadership Program

What Is Discovery: The Peer Leadership Program?

The Discovery Peer Leadership program is a partnership between The Greeley Dream Team, Jefferson High School, and United Way of Weld County. Developed in the 1990s by an alternative high school teacher in Fort Collins, the Discovery program helps all Jefferson students by developing their social skills, communication skills, team building, and anger management strategies. To put their skills into practice, students participate in community service activities, use Discovery language in core classes and practice conflict mediation between peers. Discovery is a series of classes: Discovery I, II, and III.

Program Services: 
  • Teaches real-world problem-solving skills
  • Teaches positive communication skills and The 6 P’s of Discovery: Prompt, Prepared,  Polite, Participate, Produce & Positive Mental Attitude
  • Teaches students to build positive relationships within the community.
Eligibility Requirements:

Each student at Jefferson High School is required to complete the Discovery I course with a 70% or higher grade average. Students are then nominated by their teachers to progress onto Discovery II and III based on academic performance, participation, and demonstrated leadership abilities.

In Partnership with Northern Colorado United for Youth