This fall semester is going to look different. Our school district has decided to reopen on August 17th to all students, following a new structure involving cohorts, enhanced sanitary measures, and an implemented option to allow parents the right to have their children attend online schooling.

For a full release from the school district and Superintendent Dr. Dierdre Pilch, please navigate to this webpage on the district website to read the full update in English and Spanish.

In short, students will remain with the same group (referred to as a “cohort”) throughout the day. Staff members will move from class to class, while students will remain stationary in the same room with their cohort. All rooms and equipment will also be thoroughly sanitized to minimize the spread of germs, and students will practice social distancing at all times. Further, students will be asked to wear a mask when they are at the bus stop or riding the bus, entering or exiting the school, walking through a hallway, using the restroom, or in a communal setting (like a gymnasium).

Staying in the same room all day can make focusing difficult, so today we’re sharing some tips on how to stay focused! For news on district updates, please follow Greeley-Evans School District 6 on Facebook and monitor their news page.

1. Wear a mask! You’re going to need a mask when you arrive at your school and when you are not at your desk. Make sure to keep them clean and handy. We have Dream Team cloth masks available for you, so make sure to reach out if you need one! We will share more information on how to get these masks in August.

2. Stay hydrated! Bring a water bottle and keep it with you throughout the day! It can help to set a goal to drink all of the water by the end of the day, or by lunch so you can refill it again!

3. Be careful about choosing your seat. Sitting close to the front of the classroom can help you hold yourself more accountable to pay attention, engage in class discussions, and ask questions!

4. Set a goal for yourself. Your goal doesn’t have to be to get straight As. Your goal can be to do really well on the next test, to study every night, to take diligent notes in class, to ask more questions, or even just to make sure you sit up straight! Keeping those goals in mind will help you both this semester and in the long run.

5. Get and use a planner. It can be easy to lose track of assignments, so get a planner! It will help you write down all of your due dates and give you something you can refer to after you leave your classroom.

6. Set realistic expectations for yourself. Setting goals is healthy and a good way to stay on track, but be honest with yourself. For example, if you know that studying every night isn’t going to be possible, adjust your goal to study at least once a week, and more before an exam!

7. Don’t use your phone! While you shouldn’t be using your phone in the classroom in the first place, it can help to set it on airplane mode so you can avoid feeling notifications buzz in your pocket during class.

8. Keep your backpack organized! Don’t shove loose papers or notes into your backpack, make sure they go into a folder or a binder! Keeping your backpack organized will make things easier to access as your classes rotate so you don’t have to scramble to find your notes for your English class.

9. Find a note-taking method that works for you! Get started on a system for taking notes that will make them easier to reference later. Some examples you can look into are Cornell notes, the Outline System, and Mind-Mapping.

10. Remember, you are in control of how YOU handle this change. Your routine for your courses is set, but you can decide when you go to bed and how early you get up before school. Give yourself time to sleep, time to get ready, and time to decompress before you get your day started. You may not have control over the classroom you spend your day in, what order your classes are in, or who is in your cohort, but you do have control of how you handle your situation. Make sure to allow yourself to breathe, to focus, and to stay optimistic.

As this new school year approaches, we understand that it can be difficult to adjust to these changes. Our admin team and Advisors are there for you every step of the way, and don’t be afraid to reach out!