We have some INCREDIBLE news! With the help of our friends at The Weld Trust, we will expand our services to support students in Platte Valley School District RE-7 in Kersey!

You might have a lot of questions about this expansion, and we’ll do our best to answer them here. If you have another question, feel free to send us a message!

Does this mean you’re leaving District 6?

This program expansion does not end our services in Greeley-Evans School District 6 (D6). We have been working with students in Greeley and Evans since our inception in 1987, which will never change. After all, we are The Greeley Dream Team.

We will continue serving students at every D6 school we are currently at. We serve four middle schools: Brentwood Middle School, Franklin Middle School, Heath Middle School, and Prairie Heights Middle School; four K8 schools: Bella Romero Academy, Chappelow Arts Magnet School, Harold S. Winograd K8 School, S. Christa McAuliffe STEM Academy; and five high schools: Early College Academy, Greeley Central High School, Greeley West High School, Jefferson High School, and Northridge High School.

The program services provided to students in D6 aren’t going to change with the implementation of this program. Students will still be connected to their Advisors, attend workshops, explore opportunities on field trips, get support for college, and so much more. Our programs in D6 will look the same as they do now.

Why Platte Valley School District RE-7?

Kersey is Greeley’s neighbor, and it’s still in Weld County, making it only a fifteen-minute drive from our main office in Downtown Greeley. (For an in-town comparison, Prairie Heights Middle School is 17 minutes from our main office.)

Before the establishment of this grant, Kersey students did not have access to pre-collegiate supportive services like those we provide. We are so excited to support those students to help them excel!

You’re called The GREELEY Dream Team. Is that going to change?

For our services in Greeley, nope! As for everything in Greeley, our name, logo, and branding will stay the same. We also serve students at schools in Evans (Chappelow and Prairie Heights) that still fall under The Greeley Dream Team umbrella.

Everything in Kersey, however, will fall under “Dream Team at Platte Valley RE-7.” This means … drumroll, please … that our marketing related to Kersey will have a shiny new (ish) logo!

Most students refer to us as “Dream Team” anyway.

What will this program look like in Kersey?

Once settled, this program won’t look much different than D6’s, just on a smaller scale because Platte Valley RE-7 is a smaller school district. We will serve students in grades six through twelve at Platte Valley Middle School and Platte Valley High School.

This program will run with the support of a Site Director, who will serve both as an Advisor to students and as a director for that program.

Students in Kersey will have the same access to field trips, workshops, advising, pre-collegiate support, and more, just like Greeley students do.

When will this start?

This program will officially begin in August at the start of the 2023-2024 school year. The first day of school for Kersey students is Tuesday, August 15th, just one day after the Greeley/Evans start date of Monday, August 14th.

Dream Team Advisors are off for the entirety of July and a large portion of June. They return at the beginning of August and gear up for the brand-new year. This new position serving this new district will begin their preparatory work throughout the summer and kick off the new school year with the rest of our Advisors.

Do I have to follow you on a different platform now?

Nope! You can still find everything Dream Team related through the following networks: