Today is National Iced Tea Day and our Executive Director Elizabeth LOVES iced tea! In honor of that, we’re sharing some fun tips and tricks for how you can make your own iced tea!

  1. Sun Tea
    • Making sun tea is an easy way to start making tea, go about your morning, and then have a yummy drink in the afternoon!
      • Fill a lidded two quart or gallon container with water and add 4-8 tea bags, depending on how strong you like your tea!
      • Place the lid on and place the pitcher outside in the sunlight for 3-5 hours
      • Enjoy! You can keep this in the fridge with or without the tea bags.
  1. Make Healthy Teas with Fruit and Herbs!
    • There are lots of ways to make use of your produce drawer! These teas not only taste great, but they’re beautiful!
    • Brew your tea in a mason jar, letting it steep for as long as you prefer. Remove the discarded tea bags, and add any of your favorite combinations! Here are a few suggestions:
      • Lemon and basil
      • Blackberry and mint
      • Peach and ginger
      • Coconut and lime
  1. Take Ordinary Tea and Make it Extraordinary!
    • Add ice cream to Thai tea to make a Thai Iced Tea Float!
    • Take Earl Gray tea and add lavender or honey for floral and sweet hints!
    • Liven up black tea by adding fresh mint and blackberries!
    • Combine white tea with fresh mint and sparkling water!
    • Make some garden tea punch with fresh orange juice, lemon juice, mint, and club soda in your black tea!

Those are just a few of many yummy ways to enjoy your tea! In the Dream Team Admin office, there’s usually a mix of hot tea and black iced tea from Starbucks, but these yummy tricks are sure to come in handy!