All 27 Dream Team Honors Scholars stand together, smiling.

Dream Team Honors Scholarship

Applications for the 2023 Dream Team Honors Scholarship are due on November 17th! Contact your Advisor or find the application here.

The Dream Team Honors Scholarship was established by a diverse cross-section of local citizens and community leaders to address a recognized need to close achievement gaps and increase graduation rates within the local school system. Each year a minimum of $30,000 is set aside in scholarships to award Dream Team students.

The scholarship is offered to individuals at Early College Academy, Greeley Central, Greeley West, Jefferson, and Northridge high schools who demonstrate academic potential, are involved in community or service areas, and have overcome a personal barrier in order to continue their education. Awards are based on the student’s application and their personal interview with the Dream Team Scholarship Committee comprised of members from our Board of Directors.

Each spring we honor the scholarship award recipients and their families at a banquet held with our partners at the University of Northern Colorado.

Delia & John W. Haefeli Scholarship

The Delia & John W. Haefeli Scholarship is a scholarship that was introduced in 2020, and will annually be provided to Dream Team seniors with remarkable plans for their futures and the determination to match. Delia and John W. Haefeli are two avid supporters of education who have so far spent a combined 78 years in education, working as teachers in District 6, Westcliffe, and the University of Northern Colorado teaching social studies, mathematics, and teacher preparation. On behalf of all our team and students receiving this scholarship, we are incredibly grateful to Delia and John W. Haefeli for providing this scholarship to make a direct impact on today’s students as they become tomorrow’s leaders.

In 2023, this scholarship was received by Yasmine A. and John G.

Delia and John W. Haefeli stand with Jazzy and Alexis at the Awards Banquet. They are smiling.

The Bond Family Summit Award

The Bond Family Summit Award was introduced in 2020 and serves as an award for performance and promise among college-bound students. The students who receive this award have demonstrated superior academic performance and show special promise as future contributing citizens. This award has been established by Dr. Dick and Reva Bond and their family to celebrate the success of The Greeley Dream Team. Dr. Dick Bond is one of the founding members of The Greeley Dream Team from our origin in 1987. We are incredibly thankful for the Bond family and their choice to support amazing students to help guide them through their brilliant futures.

In 2023, this award was received by Angela A. Helen G.

Guadalupe and Aron stand with Josh and Abby Bond, smiling.

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