Delia and John W. Haefeli are longtime supporters of The Greeley Dream Team. They recently decided to financially support the Dream Team by pledging to fund a student scholarship each year, creating an endowment fund for additional scholarships in the future and leaving the Dream Team in their estate. Due to these gracious gifts we wanted to spotlight the Haefeli’s and hope others will follow their lead!

Who are they?

Delia and John W. Haefeli have spent a combined 76 years in education, working as teachers in District 6, Westcliffe, and at the University of Northern Colorado teaching social studies, mathematics, and teacher preparation. Their experience in education paired with their desire to pay it forward was what pushed them to contribute to those who need financial assistance.

John W. Haefeli has served as a Director on the Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board of Education since 2013. He also serves as the 2019-2020 Board Liaison for Chappelow Arts and Literacy Magnet School, Heath Middle School, Jefferson Jr. High School, and Jefferson High School. Dream Team students are located at three of the four schools.

Delia Haefeli currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Success Foundation and has since 2018. She retired in 2017, during the last three years she has taught part-time middle level math, a Zero Hour High School Geometry Class to eight graders, and is currently an academic coach and coaches girls’ basketball at Winograd K-8 School.

What is their personal mission?

Delia and John W. Haefeli believe their “why” focuses on the “value of people, servitude, and being morally and ethically appropriate.” It is immensely important to them that they spend their days looking for opportunities to influence others and preserve a long-lasting positive legacy. This commitment to servitude is a staple in their day-to-day actions regardless of where they are physically located. “Our goal is to have our words match our actions and create quality reputations.” Their mission consists of more than just replicating positive actions with those close to them, but with those in underrepresented populations. They hope that their legacy serves not just as a reflection of the good they have done, but to spur others to do the same.

Why did they choose to provide a scholarship?

When asked why they first chose to donate to The Greeley Dream Team, they recounted their experience in District 6 and how it gave them a first-hand view of what happens with Dream Team students. “It was always evident that the Dream Team had a profound impact on a wide variety of students and helped give them the ability to be successful in school and be career ready, plus assist them financially with their goals”. By providing financial support Delia and John hope to encourage underrepresented youths to become more successful. Delia stated she might have been the type of student who would have received a Dream Team Scholarship when she was in school, which only furthers the impact of their decision.

How do they feel about The Greeley Dream Team?

When asked what they wish other people knew about the Dream Team, their answer was simple but impactful: “we really wish our communities understood the profound impact the Dream Team has on all of their students, not just the scholarship recipients.” Observing this impact is connects to the “why” they talk about with their hopes to better society, especially when viewing a nonprofit organization that works so closely with youth in education:

We think that any time you can increase the number of educated people in our society, our society is better served, and the Dream Team has a proven track record when selecting its scholarship recipients, helping each to be successful in their chosen fields. It’s a no brainer and we’re fortunate enough to be able to assist.

When it comes down to the strengths they see in Dream Team programming, they believe there are three prongs to the impact they see.

First and foremost is your ability to create quality relationships, because it’s not how much you know, it’s how much you care. Secondly, it’s having a passion to help all students, and ALL means ALL, and the third is you help create opportunities for students beyond their everyday existence. Providing background information allows students to see they can accomplish much more than society believes they can.

The Haefeli’s believe The Greeley Dream Team has had a profound impact on thousands of students as evidenced by their 30+ years of successes! The Dream Team will continue to make a difference for years to come.

This year, the first Delia and John W. Haefeli Scholarship is provided to Rodrigo P., a student at Greeley West High School, where John taught. Rodrigo plans on attending Colorado State University, John’s Alma Mater.

Thank you, Delia and John, for your support of not only our programming but also our students as they follow their dreams and become leaders of tomorrow.