Throughout Colorado’s Safer at Home guidelines and this transition back to “normal,” there may still be some things you are curious or warry about or even areas where you could use some extra support. Keep reading today’s blog to see some Colorado resources to help you through this time.

Resources for Free Internet Access:

  • Xfinity WiFi offers free hotspots around the country, even to those who are not Xfinity (Comcast) customers. Find a list of these hotspots for the zip code 80634 and others here.
  • Contact Comcast, Spectrum, Altice USA, or your cell phone provider (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint) for accommodations for free internet access for 60 days. More information is available here.

Resources for Times of Economic Hardship:

  • Food Resources
  • Housing Resources
    • Review the Colorado Housing Financial Assistance Guide by the Colorado Apartment Association for a list of available financial assistance programs.
      • A breakdown of all assistance programs is available on page 4
      • Resources for Northern Colorado can be found on pages 9-10
    • Reach out to Brothers Redevelopment for emergency mortgage and rental assistance if you’ve been financially impacted by COVID-19.
    • Contact Energy Resource Center to inquire about free home weatherization – application in English and Spanish.
  • Income Resources
  • Miscellaneous Resources
    • If you work at a restaurant, you can reach out to the One Fair Wage Emergency Fund and fill out an intake form for restaurant worker relief funds.
    • Federally held student loans are currently in forbearance (pause) for gaining interest or requiring payments. More information can be found in this blog by Young Invincibles.
    • Read free digital book resources about COVID-19 provided by Unite for Literacy.

Resources for Getting Medical Care:

Resources for Self Care, Mindfulness, and Mental Health:


Make sure to take care of yourself and those you love, especially during this difficult time of transition. If you’re looking for more fun and lighthearted resources to help you pass the time in quarantine, check out our three blogs covering some fun things you can do at home: Combating Boredom in Quarantine, More Ways to Combat Boredom in Quarantine, and Spending Your Summer at Home.