We hope we can count on YOU to help us reach our goal of $20,000. Together, we are turning education dreams into reality! We are so grateful to have friends like YOU contributing to the success of our students. Remember our Dream Team Hero from last year? He’ll be helping us out again this year as we work towards our goal! You can even give him a high-five (click on his hand!) to go straight to our donate page!

Looking to start your own fundraiser for Dream Team students on Colorado Gives Day? Check out this guide! (Clicking there will send you to the bottom of this page.)

Important Dates for Colorado Gives Day 2021

November 1st is the first day you can preschedule donations!

November 30th is Giving Tuesday!

December 7th is Colorado Gives Day!

Save the date through your Outlook CalendarGoogle Calendar, or iCalendar!


How to Schedule Your Donation in Advance

    • Go to ColoradoGives.org. Search for nonprofits or fundraising pages by The Greeley Dream Team, OR go to coloradogives.org/thegreeleydreamteam.
    • On the right-hand side, select or enter your desired donation amount and frequency. Complete other fields if you wish to donate anonymously, in honor of someone else, or directly to a specific Dream Team program.
    • Complete the other fields and click “ADD TO BASKET.”
    • Want to donate to more than one organization? Click the “EXPLORE NONPROFITS” button on the next page and keep going, choosing the “CO GIVES DAY” option for each donation. (If you want to add nonprofits to your cart over time and checkout later, you will need to log into or create a donor account to save the items in your basket.)
    • When all your scheduled donations are in the cart, finish checking out by clicking on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT,” logging into or creating a donor account, entering or selecting your payment information, and then submitting. Once you have Prescheduled your donation, you can share a badge to prove you are on top of your game this Colorado Gives Day!

Create Your Fundraiser

If you want to create your very own fundraising page to support our students, it’s easy!

1. Head to coloradogives.org’s login page and either create or sign in to your Donor Account.

2. You have a couple of options here for your next step, and they’ll both get you to the same place!

  • Search for “The Greeley Dream Team” under “By Name or Keyword” on the home page after you have logged in, and then click on our logo.
  • Click here to go straight to our Colorado Gives Day page. This is the same page you can donate on.

3. Scroll down and click “Start a Fundraiser.”

4. We have a template created for you! Change the section that says “YOUR NAME” and then make any other edits you want to make the page your own. Explain what Dream Team means to you, share a story, etc.! Click “use this template” to follow our format or fly solo and make your page from scratch by clicking “create without using a template.”

5. Once you’re done filling out your page’s information, click “Submit for Approval.” Your page will be sent to our staff to give the final go-ahead, and then you will be good to go!

The best part?!  You will get a custom link that goes STRAIGHT to your donation page that you can share with everyone! You might have to wait a business day for it to appear, but once you submit it and it’s approved,  you’re ready to start turning dreams into reality!

If you need any help, give us a call at (970)348-6380, send us a message on Facebook/Instagram, or email our Administrative Assistant Brianna!