Did you know that all twelve of our amazing Board members are volunteers?! This means they willingly dedicate a portion of their free time, energy, and drive to support our students! This month, three of these incredible people are retiring from our Board of Directors. While we will miss them and we wish them the best of luck in every adventure and step from here on out, we want to take some time to recognize each of them!

Kim Joiner

Kim served on our Board of Directors from 2013-2020, and she served as our Vice Chair from 2016-2018, and as our Chair from 2018-2020. Kim works as an Admissions Counselor at Aims Community College and has worked at the college since 1995.



Jody Margheim

Jody served on our Board of Directors from 2016-2020, and she served as our Vice Chair from 2018-2020. From 2014 until her retirement in 2020, Jody served as the Executive Director of Admissions, Advising, and Recruitment from 2014-2020 after working for Poudre School District.


Molly McIntosh

Molly served on our Board of Directors from 2011-2020, and she served as our Secretary from 2014-2020. Molly worked in District 6 for many years, as a Library Aid at Cameron Elementary School and then as the Library Manager at Brentwood Middle School.



Volunteering does not have to be an in-person interaction. You can volunteer by writing letters to struggling students, hosting supply drives, interacting and sharing our content on social media, and so much more! Giving a little bit of your free time to a cause you care about is not only beneficial for the organization you are supporting, but also for you!

Kim, Jody, and Molly have all made significant contributions to our organization, from greeting students at events, to working a drive-thru at Human Bean, to giving amazing speeches, to helping make crucial decisions. All of their amazing contributions (and those of the rest of our Board of Directors) have been voluntary! Volunteering looks very different now than it used to, but is still incredibly important.

Extensive research has been done into the mental (and even physical) health benefits that come with volunteering. These studies have come from and been gathered by Harvard Medical School, Forbes, and the Mayo Clinic to name a few!

Looking for some ways to volunteer? Check out our volunteer page!