Dr. Robert Reinsvold, Secretary


Dr. Reinsvold sits at a table with coffeeDr. Robert Reinsvold joined our Board of Directors in 2016 and became our Secretary in the fall of 2020! He is a Biological Sciences professor at UNC, where he has taught since 1989 after teaching at other institutions and working out in biology for several years. Dr. Reinsvold is a fantastic representative of The Greeley Dream Team, and we are thrilled to honor him in today’s Board Spotlight!

What is your favorite part of serving on the Board of Directors?

My favorite part of serving on The Greeley Dream Team Board of Directors is being part of an organization that is making such a significant and positive impact on our community.  I am so proud of the accomplishments of our students and our staff.  We really make a difference.

What influenced you to serve on the Board for the Dream Team?

When I was asked to consider being on the Board several years ago, I didn’t take long to decide to join.  The Dream Team had a long history of helping students succeed in our local schools, and I wanted to be a part of that influence on the lives of our youth.  Our future is in the hands of our youth if we can only give them opportunities to see the real potential in themselves.  That is what the Dream Team does. It empowers our youth.

What does it mean to you (personally and/or professionally) to serve on the Board?

Dr. Reinsvold stands in the back row of two rows of Board members at the Awards Banquet in 2019, they are all dressed formally

My job as a professor at UNC is to help my students achieve their potential.  What the Dream Team does is help more of our Greeley students make it into college and then into professions that truly make a difference in our community.  I am a long term resident of Greeley and helping our youth excel only helps Greeley become a better place to live.  It was an easy choice for me.

What advice would you give a Dream Team student whom one day wants to work in your field?

I am a professor and educator.  I am also a teacher of future teachers.  I love teaching and learning, so my job is not really work, it is fun.  My advice to a Dream Team student in choosing any career path is to find something you truly love and then pursue it.  If you have a passion for construction, then do it.  If you love interacting with people, then do it.  If you want to help others, consider being a teacher.

Dr. Reinsvold stands beside former Board Member Molly McIntosh and Dream Team staff member Miranda Ochoa at the Human Bean for a fundraiser in early 2020What did you study in college?

I studied forest biology in college because I really enjoyed the outdoors, and I also was fascinated by the wonder of living organisms and how everything interacted to form living communities.  What I saw happening in a healthy and functional forest community were intricate interactions of trees, wildlife, and fungi.  This was similar to what I witnessed in thriving human communities such as Greeley.  Each individual interacts with so many others.  Just like the interactions in a forest ecosystem, each Greeley Dream Team student has an influence on their human community.  That is why I became so interested in education and the preparation of future teachers since I see teachers as some of the keystone species of our human communities.

What inspired you to work in your field?

Dr. Reinsvold sits and smiles in a canoe in the middle of a lake with mountains in the background

I started as a biologist and still teach many courses in specialty areas of biology.  Now, I also embrace my role as a ‘teacher of teachers.’  Many of my students will be future teachers.  Now, I help them learn how to teach others, especially in science.  Being at UNC is a great place for me since it is one of the premier teacher preparation institutions in the nation.  We have a shortage of good science teachers, and I want to help to fill that need.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

I love to camp and canoe whenever I get the chance.  I love the solitude of mountain lake and scent of pine forest.