Jacob Sutton, Community Representative


Jacob Sutton joined our Board of Directors in August of this year. He serves as the Senior Advisor for the Aims2UNC Program at Aims Community College. This program connects with and supports students at Aims as they prepare to transition to UNC to earn their bachelor’s degrees. Though he is relatively new to our Board, Jacob’s insight and passion for supporting all students are essential. We are thrilled to celebrate him today!

What is your favorite part of serving on the Board of Directors?

I greatly enjoy serving on the Board of Directors so I can learn about our students, their stories, and their future goals. I recognize that the extra support the Dream Team provides helps so many students to learn about themselves and what they would like to do in the future. The Dream Team works to help create opportunities for students to explore that path and know that they have people cheering them on as they progress forward!

What influenced you to serve on the Board for the Dream Team?

I’ve lived in the Greeley community for several years now, and I have had a deep desire to help others in a meaningful way. I work with college students every day who have so many questions and concerns as they pursue their educational goals. In my work with students and reflecting on my own educational journey, I know how important support like what the Dream Team provides can be in helping students to keep progressing and to eventually finish their studies at that educational level!

What does it mean to you (personally and/or professionally) to serve on the Board?

Equity, inclusion, and access in education are incredibly important to me personally and professionally. It is something I reflect on almost daily in my work with college students. I am an advocate for creating opportunities for those who have not always had a clear path in education, perhaps because they are the first to navigate that path in their family or social circles, or also because historically they have not had the same privilege and access as their peers. I believe that the Dream Team prioritizes the need to help every student on their respective journey and that the organization as a whole is invested in their success. Just looking at the graduation rates their students have achieved shows that they are making a huge difference!

What advice would you give a Dream Team student who one day wants to work in your field?

Becoming engaged on a college campus is the best way to make it feel like home. Whether you join clubs, organizations, student support services, or work on campus, these experiences help you feel like a part of a campus community. I became very involved in college, which helped me to meet fellow students and to learn from the staff. Eventually, I realized that a college campus felt like the perfect place for me. I became fascinated by the energy of so many things all going on at once, the constant ability to gain new knowledge somewhere, the opportunity to learn about people from around the world, and that feeling of all being a part of a community together.

What did you study in college?

Bachelor of Science in Communication Students and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.

What inspired you to work in your field?

I was inspired to work in higher education by the faculty and staff who mentored and supported me as I navigated my own college journey.   

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Listening to music, news, and podcasts! I also enjoy cooking (and eating really good food).