Andrew Holder, Xcel Energy Representative


Andrew Holder joined our Board of Directors this year! He currently serves as the Northern Colorado Area Manager for Xcel Energy. Xcel has been a dedicated supporter of the success of Dream Team students, and Andrew is no different. We are honored to have Andrew’s insight, support, and enthusiasm as part of our Board, and we cannot wait for more milestones after this first year!

What is your favorite part of serving on the Board of Directors?

My favorite part is getting the student spotlight and seeing the great work our students do with the help of the Dream Team program.

What influenced you to serve on the Board for the Dream Team?

What influenced me the most was the ability to partner with a great program that has a grassroots impact on our students’ lives. I love being able to help assist the program to continue to mentor kids throughout school and their professional lives.

What does it mean to you (personally and/or professionally) to serve on the Board?

To see the work that this program does- the impact that it has on both the students and their families, is extremely gratifying to know you can have a small role in their success.

What advice would you give a Dream Team student who one day wants to work in your field?

Soak up as much knowledge as you can to become the most well-rounded individual you can become. Be engaged, diligent, and continue to strive to learn all that you can with the resources that are available to you.

What did you study in college?

Business Management.

What inspired you to work in your field?

Energy (Gas & Electric) is a foundational block for our communities to thrive, and being to help provide an affordable & reliable public service to our community is what pulled me into this field.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Spending as much time as possible with my wife, Casey, and our son, Klay. Also like to get as much time as I can on the golf course or at the lake.