Regardless of what grade you’re in (or even if you’re not in school and are just looking for some fun ways to DIY your way to a more organized life), getting organized during the school season can be difficult. Keep reading for some tips to hack your way to a more organized back-to-school experience!


    • Build your own DIY Calendar!
      While investing in a whiteboard calendar can be helpful (like this one at Walmart for $9.96), you can stop by Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart and grab some free paint swatch strips to make a gradient calendar! You’ll need seven paint swatches and somewhere to put them (the fridge, a piece of paper, a frame, etc.). If you put them in a frame, you can write on it with dry-erase markers to keep using it month after month!
      Check out the tutorial here.
    • Start using a planner!
      While having a calendar at home can help, having something portable can make life so much easier. Grab a planner and make sure you remember to write down deadlines and due dates. It can help to put them in your phone’s calendar, too!
    • Make lunch in advance!
      If you’re a person who eats lots of sandwiches or home-brought meals during the week at school, taking some time to prep all of your sandwiches or meals for the week before it actually arrives can be helpful. That way, when you’re hurrying out the door in the morning, you can grab a sandwich and then head out!

    • Schedule your time!
      Odds are that it will be tempting to spend a lot of time goofing off, but it is actually much easier to relax and get things done when you have a plan in mind and stick to it. You can try to give yourself specific times to have things done by and still have time to relax after. You can keep this schedule in your planner!
    • USE your syllabus!
      Classes tend to start off with a syllabus as a helpful outline for the entire semester or academic year. Don’t lose it! It will help you keep track of what you will be doing in the semester, when the big tests are, and what is expected of you. Study Right has a few extra syllabus tips that can be helpful! We suggest keeping these important syllabus dates in your planner!

As the school year gears up, make sure to follow these tips and don’t be afraid to reach out if you need help! Your advisors, and all of the staff at Dream Team, are here to make sure your educational experience is a success.