This month’s spotlight is on Nizhoni! She graduated from Greeley West in 2021 and was both a Dream Team Honors Scholar and Bond Family Summit Awardee! We are so proud of all of the hard work she continues to put in to strive for her best, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

High School Attended: Greeley West High School Class of 2021
Institution Attending: Colorado Mesa University
Field of Study: Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Mathematics, minor in Business Administration

What aspect of being in the Dream Team has stuck with you?

The aspects that have stuck with me were to continue to try and that it is okay to get help. The Dream Team always was there when I felt overwhelmed with applying for colleges, not understanding classes, general mental struggles, and more. It has stuck with me that it is okay to go get help if someone needs it.

What are your goals for the future, and what goals have you achieved?

My biggest goal for the future is to enjoy the career I end up in. I have, for a while, put a lot of value on having perfect grades. While good grades are still a goal for me, it doesn’t necessarily matter if they are perfect as long as I feel successful.

What is one of your favorite memories of the Dream Team?

My favorite memory from Dream Team would be any of the workshops I attended. I was able to have fun while learning things such as FAFSA and general college information and being with my friends.

What is one piece of advice you would give a Dream Team student who has recently graduated high school?

My biggest piece of advice is to not be scared of failure. Dream Team prepares students (especially first gen) greatly for so many aspects, including the moments a student is struggling with classes or more, but it still feels bad when you “fail.” I promise, so many people do, and it is okay.