This month’s Alumni Spotlight is shining on Miguel! He’s a graduate from the class of 2018 at Greeley Central and he’s now Studying Environmental Engineering and Nutrition at CSU! We’re incredibly proud of everything he’s done so far and we cannot wait to see what’s up next!

High School Attended: Greeley Central High School Class of 2018
Institution Attending: Colorado State University (concurrent Enrollment at Aims Community College)
Field of Study: Welding at Aims (now a Certified Welder) and currently pursuing a major in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Nutrition at CSU

1. What aspect of being in the Dream Team has stuck with you?
The aspect that stuck with me the most from the Dream Team is that they stay true to the program’s message in regard to staying in contact with and supporting their alumni.

2. What are your goals for the future, and what goals have you achieved?
My goal for the future is to recover from my first major surgery and to graduate with an engineering degree. I’ve achieved minor personal goals but the major goals are still in progress.

3. What is one of your favorite memories of the Dream Team?
A favorite memory of mine was when we went to Colorado Mesa University for the summer field trips and going to the Sand Dunes.

4. What is one piece of advice you would give a Dream Team student who has recently graduated high school?
“Embrace the change. The world which you are going to be exposed to can be very eye-opening and very beautiful. Embracing the changes that life brings can work to your benefit if you have the correct mindset.”