This month’s Alumni Spotlight is all Alexis’! He’s a graduate from the class of 2018 at Northridge and he’s now studying Computer Science at Aims Community College! We are so proud of what he’s accomplished so far, and we cannot wait to see where he goes next.

High School Attended: Northridge High School Class of 2018
Institution Attending: Aims Community College
Field of Study: Computer Science

1. What aspect of being in the Dream Team has stuck with you?
No matter how hard it gets, keep on moving forward.

2. What are your goals for the future, and what goals have you achieved?
My goal for the future is to graduate from Aims Community College and then transition to a 4-year university in order to continue my education.

3. What is one of your favorite memories of the Dream Team?
A favorite memory I have of Dream Team is the opportunity it provides to get to know new people.

4. What is one piece of advice you would give a Dream Team student who has recently graduated high school?
Meet with your Advisor every opportunity you get because they will help you find financial aid, college readiness, apply for scholarships, and so much more.