With the holidays right around the corner, we know there may still be a few missing puzzle pieces to help you make sure you and your family can celebrate to the fullest. Today, we are sharing a one-stop shop for you to find some ideas for what you can use for local holiday resources.

211 Colorado

Check out the resources available with 211’s Holiday Page to quickly locate:

Direct Link Resources for Food

Direct Link Resources for Gifts

If you are in a position to provide some extra support to our community this year, here are a few options for you to help spread some holiday cheer:

  • Play as Santa and read some Christmas letters to adopt a family and support them with Christmas Gifts through USPS Operation Santa
  • Volunteer your time or donate money and goods to organizations like The Salvation Army, Weld Food Bank, and United Way
  • Help set up a Holiday Toy drive for military families through Project Homefront