It’s a little difficult to believe that 2021 is almost over! This year, our students continued to show their incredible resilience, and we couldn’t be any prouder. Keep reading for a breakdown of what happened at Dream Team in 2021!


January was a pretty typical month for our students. Well, typical for a world of remote learning. Students attended mostly virtual workshops to learn about financial literacy.

We also conducted interviews for our 2021 Dream Team Honors Scholarship recipients at the end of the month!



Our Advisors continued to work hard to meet with students virtually and in-person in February. Some of these connections occurred during workshops focused on careers and goal setting.

We were unable to bring our Dream Team Honors Scholarship recipients physically before the D6 Board of Education. Still, we presented their names in the form of a slideshow to celebrate all of their hard work. This year, we had 25 extraordinary recipients, and we couldn’t be prouder of them!

Dream Team students at Greeley Central also attended “I Love My Future Day” to help them prepare for college.


March came with a new kind of workshop for some of our students! Brentwood students and those at K8 schools got to build solar-powered robots to have them compete!

After a year of being unable to hold our Awards Ceremony for our scholarship recipients, we were finally able to do it again in UNC’s new Campus Commons. We got to recognize all of our recipients in person. We made sure to follow social distancing and masking guidelines to keep everyone safe.


A highlight from April is our sticker contest! We had over 80 submissions to pick from, which is THREE TIMES the amount of submissions we had in 2020! Our students showcased some incredible talent in this contest. In the end, we were able to print the stickers of six different winners: Angel from ECA, Leah from Brentwood, Leila from Heath, Manny from UNC, Stephanie from ECA, and Valeria from Greeley West.

We also partnered with the Hispanic Women of Weld County to host two events to support young women in their paths to becoming successful professionals!


For the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW, every single Dream Team senior GRADUATED! These students spent their last two years of high school powering through the struggles of a pandemic, and we are so incredibly proud that we got to watch ALL of them cross the stage!

We presented our new graduates the opportunity to answer a few questions for a shoutout on social media, and some of them had some incredible things to say to their peers:

  • “I’m truly proud of our class! We have gone through such a horrible senior year due to COVID canceling our senior events. Now we can move on into our field of study and accomplish the goals we are setting for ourselves. I wish you all the best, and I hope to see you all in the future.” – Isaiah B.
  • “Don’t stray away from things because you think they are too hard. You guys are amazing, and if we’ve made it this far, who is gonna stop you now?!” – Victoria P.

We also got to have our Golf Tournament again, and it was great to get back out on the green to support our present and future scholarship recipients!


Summer field trips came back! Middle and high school students attended three different field trips over the summer, split into smaller groups to keep them healthy. Middle school students headed to the Farm at Lee Martinez, the Colorado Railroad Museum, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. High School students explored Northeastern Junior College, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and the Wild Animal Sanctuary.


A new semester started, and we got to welcome two new Advisors to our team: Gianna Bueno and Mercedes Ferman! We also got to welcome two new Board members: Rhonda Solis and Jacob Sutton!

August was a great start to the year, full of new opportunities for our students and a return in in-person learning for many of them.



September was a busy month!

We got hold our Community of Champions … Turning Dreams into Reality Fall Breakfast in person again! The event honored two educators (Delia and John W. Haefeli), a community partner (Weld Family Clinic of Chiropractic), and three alumni (Alondra Flores, Fernando Lopez, and Jasmyn Trujillo-Martinez). If you missed it, check out the live replay here.

Our Senior Year JumpStart also returned in September, helping prepare incoming seniors for their last year of high school so they would be fully equipped for every element of the new year!


In October, we had some AMAZING news to share. Not only did we apply for and receive our TRiO Talent Search grant, but we applied for and received a SECOND TRiO grant that allows us to expand our programming to serve even more students in District 6, including middle school students at S. Christa McAuliffe STEM Academy!

We also got to head out on two field trips! Middle school students explored the Butterfly Pavilion, and high school students toured UNC!


In November, the expansion of our programming officially began as we welcomed two new staff members: Academic Advisor Jesus Quinones and Project Director Marcey Flores!

Students began their first STEM workshops, working in groups to test and expand their STEM knowledge. Some of these workshops even included building towers that could support weight even though they were made of dry spaghetti noodles and marshmallows!

We also got to hold Student Induction/Parent Orientation nights in person again! These nights officially welcome new sixth-grade students to Dream Team and help their parents/guardians connect with the program and the Advisor at their child’s school!


December may not be over yet, but Colorado Gives Day recently ended! Thanks to the generosity of our community (and YOU!), we were able to raise over $12,500 to support students in education!

(By the way, there’s still time to help us reach our year-end goal of $25,000!)


2021 was another wild year for everyone. Many of our events looked different than they usually do. Still, we are incredibly grateful that we could get back to some sense of normalcy for our students. Thank you for coming along for the ride to help us turn dreams into reality.

Here’s to an incredible 2022!