2020 was quite the year for everyone, and it was no exception for our students! Watch the video below for a quick recap from our Executive Director, Elizabeth, and keep scrolling for a breakdown of every part of the rollercoaster this last year has been.


We started the year with a very typical January. Our students met face-to-face with all of their Advisors and attended Financial Literacy workshops throughout the month.

We also welcomed a former Dream Team student as an intern for our Admin Team during her spring semester, Gisselle.

January is usually a long, cold, and dreary month, but January 2020 was a great start to our year.


February came with more student meetings with their Advisors and workshops focused on Careers and Goal Setting.

Our high school students also went on the only field trip they were able to attend in 2020. They headed to Colorado State University in Fort Collins to tour the campus, eat in the dining hall, and learn about the university’s opportunities. Despite how cold the weather was, they all had a fantastic time.

We also held our first ever sticker contest! Students submitted some of their creations to become official Dream Team stickers! Eventually, our winners were chosen – Angel at Heath Middle School and Rebeca at Greeley Central High School.

February concluded with the only event we were able to hold in person this year, our Board of Education Night. We recognized our 17 Class of 2020 Dream Team Honors Scholars with a reception followed by presenting them in front of the Board of Education.  We couldn’t be any prouder of them all!


March started like it always does: students participated in Goal Setting and SAT workshops, and we even held a Guest Barista fundraiser at The Human Bean!

Then, everything began to look different for everyone. On March 13th, students went on what we all first thought would be an extended spring break. Little did we know, that extended break would turn into four months away and a new world of remote learning.

Our Advisors returned from their spring break and worked from home to support students as they did the same. Meetings stopped by quick connections in the office and became phone calls, emails, Google Classroom posts, and Zoom meetings. Adjusting to attending school remotely was a struggle for many students, but they preserved.


The first full month of remote work for our staff and remote learning for students did not come without challenges. Advisors remained in contact with students to support them and help them make the best of their semester.

One bright spot was our “Hey Dream Team Look at Me” contest! Students submitted pictures of what remote learning looked like for them: their workspaces, projects they did, updates they had, and more! Each week, we selected one winner, and at the end of the series, we had seven winners!


As the year concluded, we were thrilled to find out that every single Dream Team senior graduated from high school for the second year in a row! The class of 2020 accomplished this feat in the middle of a pandemic and a confusing landscape of remote learning, and we are so proud of them.

We presented our new graduates the opportunity to answer a few questions to receive a shout out on social media. We were able to honor each of them. Many of them also shared things they wanted to say to their fellow graduates.

  • “We made it. It may not have been the way we wanted it to go, but we still did it. We are now going into the real world, where we become the next doctors, lawyers, senators, governors, police officers. We are the future. We are making it through this pandemic, and if we can do this, then there isn’t anything we can’t face.” – Genesis H.
  • “I know times right now are tough, and our senior year was basically stripped away from us, but I’m glad we got to spend these last four years together, and I’ll never forget these memories, thank you.” – Jose V.


We hosted an incredibly successful school supply drive in July. With help from some incredible people and organizations, we filled an entire table (that seats 10!) with school supplies piled high!

We ended July by having a drive-up donut event with the class of 2020 and then watching them graduate!


Students returned to school in August, some of them remotely, and some with a hybrid schedule. Our Advisors continue to work with our students in every capacity to keep them connected and help them succeed. We even welcome a new Advisor to our team, Josiah Flores!


September rolled around. We celebrated our first-ever virtual event, our Community of Champions … Turning Dreams into Reality Fall Breakfast! The event honored an educator (Holly Bressler), a community partner (The Tointon Family Foundation), and three alumni (Royer Lopez, Misael Madera-Miramontes, and Lucy Ruiz Rivas)! If you missed it, you can check it out here.


Though workshops looked a little different, our students resumed them following safe physical distancing and sanitization practices in October. These workshops helped students practice teamwork, time management, and more while they got to know one another and their Advisors.

We also celebrated College Application Day, where Advisors helped students take advantage of applying to colleges throughout the state of Colorado for FREE!


November came with the announcement that students would be returning to remote learning throughout the remainder of 2020. Advisors transitioned to working fully remotely, too, communicating with students on a daily and weekly basis to give them all of the support they needed.

We also welcomed new Advisor Kiana Pujols to our team!


We celebrated Colorado Gives Day. Our fantastic community (yes, that’s YOU!) helped us blow our goal out of the water!

We also began a series called the “12 (Week) Days of Christmas,” where we featured 12 different perspectives on Dream Team from Board members, staff, alumni, and a current student!

We know 2020 has been a wild year for everyone. We had to cancel and reformat several events ourselves. We know that it wasn’t easy for our students to overcome these obstacles. Nonetheless, we want to thank you for a great 2020, and we look forward to a wonderful 2021.