2017 Greeley Dream Team Honors Scholarship Recipients

We would like to share with you our 2017 Greeley Dream Team Honors Scholarship Recipients! Each student received a $1000 scholarship for the college or university of their choice.  Out of the 50 students that applied, 22 students received the Honors Scholarship this year, the most we have had in the history of The Greeley Dream Team! We are so honored to have played a small role in our Honors Scholars success and we look forward to watching them graduate from high school and continuing their journey!

Kianna Antuna – Northridge High School
Lorenzo Balderrama – Greeley West High School
Esther Caro  – Greeley West High School
Lanetta Cervantes – Northridge High School
Jasmyne Colin-Dunham – Northridge High School
Faith Escobedo – Greeley West High School
Sergio Estrada – Northridge High School
Luis Garcia – Greeley Central High School
Ruben Gomez – Greeley West High School
Edward Longoria – Greeley West High School
Pablo Lopez – Northridge High School
Cassaundra Martinez – Jefferson High School
Jasmine Martinez – Greeley Central High School
Blanca Ochoa – Greeley Central High School
Arely Pizarro – Northridge High School
Valeria Ramos – Greeley Central High School
Isaac Rivera-Valencia – Greeley West High School
Brittany Rodello – Northridge High School
Sonya Rodriguez – Jefferson High School
Kimberly Sanchez – Greeley Central High School
Kassandra Vega Lucero – Greeley Central High School