We have the privilege of working with amazing students every day, and you have seen us gush over their accomplishments, share their stories, and take them on adventures. What do they think, though? We asked some of our students to answer this question.


“It means a lot, knowing someone believes in you and is there to help when you feel like you can’t do it.”

– Greeley West High School Junior

“The Dream Team means to me to be a team all working together as one.”

– Brentwood Middle School 7th Grader

“Dream Team is very important to me because the program is helping me achieve great things in life like graduating high school and going to college, which I never thought was possible for me.”

– Jefferson High School Senior

“Dream Team is my life saver. Without the Dream Team, I would probably not go to college or even know how to apply to college.”               

– Jefferson High School Senior

“The Dream Team to me is about having extra support to ensure that my future is bright.”                                                                                                

– Northridge High School Junior

“It means that I will graduate college and get my dream job.”         

– Bella Romero Academy 6th Grader

“It means a group that is there for you every step on your way/journey to college.”

– Greeley Central High School Junior

“Home and a place where I trust everyone.”

– Prairie Heights Middle School 7th Grader

“It means that we need to know there’s more than just jobs when we’re adults, we need to support ourselves and not waste our necessity.”

– Winograd K-8 School 6th Grader

“It means to me that it is a perfect group that helps people find their career.”

– Heath Middle School 6th Grader

If you’re a Dream Team student, remember that we’re here to support you even after you’ve graduated high school as you transition to our Alumni Program, and we’re always rooting for you after you graduate college and follow your dreams into the future.