A Day in the Life …

Student Intern

Alfredo Ochoa Hernandez, Student Intern

As someone who’s only been at the office for about a month now, writing about a day in the life of me is so challenging. The amount of knowledge and experience I’ve had in these last couple weeks is impossible to fit into about five-hundred words. But as always, I never back down from a challenge. I should probably start with an introduction. I’m Alfredo (Freddy) Ochoa Hernandez, a rising senior at Greeley Central High School and I am also a part of the Dream Team as a student at my school. This intern opportunity was made possible by the District 6 Career Explore Internship program.  Having the opportunity to be the intern for this outstanding program is a reward in and of itself. Getting to see the “behind the scenes” of the program and the huge amounts of effort that the advisors and staff all put into us students is something so admirable and makes me appreciate the program as a student that much more.

My morning here starts with a great big greeting from all the staff and advisors at the office. By then, I already have my list of things to do: help staple papers, put together bags for events, storage and store runs, etc. The overall atmosphere of the office is so welcoming that by the first day, I already felt like I was one of them when really I’m just one of “theirs.”

I got the opportunity to attend both the high school and middle school summer programs. Seeing that contrast between the two was eye opening. The high school overnight field trip was something a bit more serious to open the minds of those student to see that there is way more to do outside of high school. The middle school summer program was a fun mix of everything: learning, looking forward to their future, and just some fun times.

Advisors here really work endlessly to keep in contact with graduated students, help those who recently graduated get into college and stay on top of their financial aid status, and motivate those still in the program to pursue their dreams and continue on the right path for their success. As the intern, I’m there to help the staff out with paperwork, filing, stapling, just small things to make the engine run smoothly for all the advisors.

Being the intern for this short time gets me excited for what the Dream Team holds for me in the future: nonstop support and help with my upcoming new journey into the world of college applications and essays.