We often post about workshops happening at our schools. Workshops are far more than a group of students spending time with each other and their advisor while they have snacks and play games.

Every time a student attends a workshop, they gain knowledge about their educational experiences and what they will face after graduation. These workshops are crucial in helping students develop career and college readiness skills. For example, some of the workshop games you may have seen are:

    • Career Jeopardy
      • This game challenges students to explore different careers and their related educational paths.
    • The Bean Game
      • A simplified version of the game of Life, where students learn to budget their finances by drawing cards that give them a real-life scenario and have to problem solve to figure it out.
    • Minute to Win It
      • Students play 60-second games designed to build their collaboration and communication skills.

Reading about workshops and games only explains so much, so why not hear from our advisors who host the workshops and the students who partake in them?

“Workshops help create a community that slowly turns into a family. It gives us a chance to build bonds with other Dream Team students.”
– Jasmine, 10th grade

“I have learned a lot from attending workshops. I am a first generation student, so I was never familiar with things related to college like loans and grants. Workshops have helped me to understand the difference between the two and other important things that will be extremely helpful in the future.”
– Leala, 12th Grade

“Workshops help us learn about college and different paths we can take after graduation.”
– Isac, 10th Grade

“Workshops provide a great environment for our students to come together as a team and learn about real-life activities, such as careers, colleges, and personal finances. I’ve learned that my students respond better to what I teach them if we can make it into some kind of competition. As long as they can go for gold they stay interested and keep coming.”
– Eric, K-8 Advisor

“Workshops for me are a time to connect with my students all at once. It’s a chance to bring fun and fresh ideas to make learning about college both enjoyable and interactive.”
– Janelly, Northridge & Franklin Advisor

“Workshops give students the opportunity to learn about important concepts like college options, career exploration, life skills, financial literacy, and so much more. Workshops also give students the chance to learn more about themselves and enables them to unleash skills that will help them with their future endeavors.”
– Kendra, Greeley Central & Heath Advisor

“Workshops expose the students to important information that is essential to their academic and personal life.”
– Edith, Greeley West & Prairie Heights Advisor


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