Tuesday morning we felt very fortunate and proud to be able to celebrate Thirty Years of Success with many of our community supporters, alumni, current students, board of directors and staff. Thank you to all who attended and continue to support us, many from day one!

For the past 30 years The Greeley Dream Team has worked collaboratively with Greeley-Evans School District 6, serving thousands of students from a diverse population of low-income and first-generation college bound students through our many programs to find their path of educational success.

In August we brought together four of the original organizational founders: Dr. Dick Bond; Dr. Tony Caravajal, Pres Montoya, and Dr. Tim Waters, to create a wonderful video to give us the history of our organization. They had a wonderful morning reconnecting and sharing their thoughts, dreams and visions regarding the organization. We laughed and teared up as they reminisced about the beginning of The Greeley Dream Team. We also brought together several students who are still in our program or who have graduated and are starting to give back to our community. They shared stories of hope for their future made possible by the support they received from our organization.

Building off of our solid foundation, this year we have begun the expansion of our program to two new schools, Winograd and Chappelow K8, utilizing our successful pre-collegiate model. To further our support of graduates we hope to expand our Alumni program by providing an Advisor for their first two years in college to solidify their future success. Given our proven track record for success, the results will benefit our
community as our Alumni graduate college and create an educated workforce for Greeley and Evans.

As we move forward you can partner with us to expand our services to additional schools to serve an even larger number of students. We are incredibly proud to walk the path with our students and witness
their purpose, determination and success.

In the words of Dr. Tim Waters…..
“If we care enough, this community can be different from all others from the assets we have in working together”.

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