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A lot is happening with The Greeley Dream Team year round! Get reconnected by attending an event, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, sign up for our newsletter, become a mentor to current students, volunteer by tutoring students or by lending a hand at a special event, deliver motivational and inspirational speeches and presentations to students provide resources to students during workshops and other student activities, and encourage friends and loved ones to contribute to our cause. That is just a few ways to be involved. Tell us your story so others can be inspired!


Alumni Spotlight

Araceli Gallardo

Greeley West High School graduated in 2015
Institution Attended: University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Program and Degree Earned: Biomedial Health Sciences
Current Employer: United States Air Force
How has The Greeley Dream Team impacted your life?: They taught me the importance of being a leader, role model and mentor. Provides me with the resources I needed to achieve my goals and pointed me in the right direction to achieving those goals.
Favorite memory of being a part of the Dream Team: Definitely the field trips.

Resources and Volunteer Opportunities

We are still here for you even though you graduated from high school. Some ways we can help are:

  • We provide post-secondary admissions, financial aid assistance, and transfer process guidance
  • Access to Dream Team’s academic knowledge and assistance
  • Career advising from Staff and Alumni Network
  • Support in obtaining additional, informative resources

Scholarship Opportunities

Alumni Registration

We want to reconnect with our Dream Team Alumni for a lot of reasons!

We are looking for volunteers, supports, information for future events, and we want to give our former members a chance to reconnect with each other. Keeping up with our alumni is an important part of our story, and we want to hear from you!

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