Tutoring can be an immensely beneficial part of your education. Since spring semester is in full swing, we’re here to provide you with not only our amazing tutors but also some insight into the benefits of tutoring.

1. Tutoring allows for an individualized experience to help students learn and review material from the classroom outside of it. This one-on-one approach allows for clarification of subjects that may not have been fully addressed previously for the student.

2. Tutoring helps students fine-tune their skills to prepare for applications for scholarships, college, and their future careers. Tutoring also encourages students to develop sound study habits that will follow them throughout the remainder of their education.

3. Tutors do not simply give students the answers to their questions; they problem-solve with the student to help them find the answers themselves.

Are you considering tutoring? Ask your advisor for more information! Here’s to an amazing semester!