A Day in the Life …

Bella Romero Academy

Eric Trujillo, Academic Advisor

Schools Served: Bella Romero Academy, Chappelow K-8, Winograd K-8

It’s 7:30 am on Saturday the 24 of February 2018. Normally on a Saturday, I would be getting ready to eat breakfast but this day is different. Today my 6th grade Bella Romero Dream Team Students get to go on their first field trip with the other Dream Team middle school students to CSU’s Little Shop of Physics event.

At 7:45, the first students begin to arrive at Bella Romero 4-8 campus, forcing me to exchange the warmth of my trucks 89 degree heater for the chilling 29 degrees outside. I have my students sign in and begin to pass out snacks. Amazingly, I have all 18 of my students ready to go and we load up the bus by 8 am.

We arrive at CSU by 9:20 and after taking group pictures and a short bathroom break, we are ready to check out the activities. Science experiments line the walls, including a Tesla coil, magnets and televisions, and mirrors that change your perception. My Bella students had a blast in the Dark room and the Movement and Motion room.

At 11:45, we being the 15 minute journey from the Lory Student Center to Durrell Dinning Hall where we are set to have lunch. My students don’t complain about the walk because they know something that the other Dream Team students don’t. Since their advisor is a CSU alum they know that he has promised them that if they persevere they will be rewarded with an all you can eat Ice cream machine and waffle bar!

Upon arriving to this promised land of all-you-can-eat food, the children are flooded with happiness and dig in. After 45 minutes of going back for seconds, thirds, and maybe fourths, Liz gives us the signal that it is time to get back on to the busses. Our students are begging for more time to stay in this mecca of food but unfortunately we have a schedule to keep and we must say farewell. My students are sad but I advise them not to worry because they will be back some day.

By 2:20 we arrive at Bella where parents are already awaiting the return of their children. Within minutes, the parking lot clears and I am off to reclaim my Saturday.

On the Monday after the trip, I am surprised to hear from the teachers that my students were bragging to others about the joy of the Colorado State University food. I am even asked by students that are not in the Dream Team if they can join the program. I tell them that unfortunately they can’t right now, but maybe when they reach high school they can. When I meet with my students for the day, I am asked if we can have more field trips to CSU. A few even claim that CSU is their future college because of how good the food was. One student told me that when he was in Fort Collins on Sunday he asked his mom if she would take them to eat at CSU. These are the stories that make my job worth doing.