A Day in the Life …

The Executive Director

Elizabeth Barber, Executive Director

Schools Served: All Programs!

As the Executive Director, I wear many hats in my office, and most days I wear all of them at some point. I have the “Program Facilitator” hat, “Money Manager” hat, “Student Advocate” hat, “Human Potential and Resources” hat, “Trouble Shooter” hat,  “Community and Donor Relations” hat,  “Field Trip Navigator” hat, “Starbucks lover” hat and the overall “Other duties as assigned” hat! I should think about investing in a couple of hatboxes…

I really enjoy the variety of the different “hats” or roles that I have each day as the Director. No two days are ever alike.  Some of my favorite work is done while wearing my “Community and Donor Relations” hat. I get to represent the work of The Greeley Dream Team to community members and also share the inspiring stories of our students’ success. It is an honor and a privilege to communicate the great work of our students and staff to the wider community!!

Last summer we prepared for the celebration of Greeley Dream Team’s 30th anniversary. I had the idea to bring back the four founding fathers of the organization. I wanted to create a video where they could share why they started Dream Team and their hopes and dreams for the organization back in 1987. When we brought them together, they talked about a shared commitment of working with students from diverse backgrounds and ensuring these students had the opportunity to go to college. The founders have been so inspired by our students’ success over the years. I was incredibly proud to know that our hard work has preserved their original vision and that they could return to see the fruits of their labor.

I also love wearing my “Student Advocate” hat. I enjoy building relationships with our students and watching them achieve their dreams! A few years ago, I worked with a former student who had dropped out of school because she was pregnant with her second child and did not have any childcare. I convinced her to return to school and attend Jefferson High School. As a full-time student, she could focus on her studies while her two children attended the on-site childcare center. Due to her hard work and determination, she graduated within the year.

She is currently working in the accounting department of one of our community’s large employers and getting ready to purchase her first home! Her daughter is in kindergarten this year and her son is in third grade.  I have been blessed by their friendship over the years and am impressed with her determination to change the lives of herself and her family.

Every day I get to work with an amazing staff who pour their heart and dedication into our projects and students. I watch them implement our programming, teach students valuable life lessons about college and career, and enable these youth to become tomorrow’s leaders. The best hat to wear is the “#iamthegreeleydreamteam” hat.