A Day in the Life …

Brentwood Middle School

Ivon Montes, Academic Advisor

Schools Served: Brentwood Middle School, Jefferson JR. High, and Jefferson High School

Each day brings different challenges and our role require us to wear many hats. I love this aspect of my job, you’re an advisor, so you advise students every day, right? I thought I’d offer a peek inside a typical day for those who want to know what it’s really like behind the scenes.

My morning starts with greeting students outside waiting for the bell to ring. We are back from winter break, and it’s my first day back at Brentwood Middle School. So fun to hear how students spent their break. I make my way inside to greet the office staff and check my mailbox and emails. Then I check my calendar to get an idea of the week ahead and made a To-Do list, separating out priorities from routine tasks.

I first send out an email to staff with a list of all Dream Team students here at Brentwood and let staff know that five more kiddos were accepted in to the program! In the email, I also address our new tutoring time and date, and I ask teachers for an extra book to have available in my room during tutoring.

I got to congratulate my Student of the Month for December too! It’s one of the best feeling to see a smile on your student face, but it feels even better to explain the reason why they got picked as Student of the Month. Now let’s keep the smiles going! I then meet with each one of my new students individually. I welcome them in to the program, complete an Individual Student Needs Assessment Plan, and explain what the rest of the year looked like along with expectations.

Keep in mind that during passing period students are coming in and asking for snacks, candy, when our next workshop will be, letting me know how break went, what they got for Christmas, and what sport they are in now!

I reserve the library for our financial literacy workshop, post the date outside of the room for students to see along with tutoring details, make hall passes for that day, and take advantage of hall pass making to make passes for tutoring as well!

Suddenly the alarm rings and I jump out of my chair! We have a practice lock down and fire drill. Afterwards, the principal gets on the intercom and announces that students did a great job. I end the day at the 6th grade awards assembly for quarter two. I cheer on Dream Team students that got 4.0 GPA, 3.5 + GPA, perfect attendance, and CLAW-someness Certificates.

Dream Team students are motivated, I am excited, teachers are happy, parents feel honored and students continue to succeed. Having a meaningful relationship with my students really helps them thrive academically.