A Day in the Life …

As the Assistant Director of Programs

Sarah Cameron, Assistant Director of Programs

Schools Served: All Schools!

It’s second semester, and it’s already go-go-go around the office! Today all the advisors are back at their schools, so I came into a quiet main office for maybe half an hour before the phone calls and emails started pouring in. Since all the advisors are at different sites, communication between us is key! Today I fielded questions that ranged from how to teach 9th graders about graduation requirements to how to pay for a student’s membership fee so they can participate in college sports. We don’t want our students to lose out on opportunities like that, so we use our Student Fund to help these kids make their dreams happen. This student will kick in a small amount of his own money and we’ll pay the rest.

We just spent the last two days immersed in semester planning. I love planning for spring semester because this is when all the exciting stuff happens! Students earn scholarships, the Awards Banquet occurs, financial aid packages start rolling in, and the plans for the summer program begin! This year we’re taking high school students to Western Nebraska Community College for an overnight field trip. I’m in charge of planning this event. I connected with our awesome contacts in their admissions office back in December, so we’re all set to go after school lets out. Next on my To Do List will be creating the transportation request. It takes money to get our kids to these incredible places, and transportation doesn’t happen without a lot of Google Mapping and some cash.

I signed up for a financial literacy webinar because our advisors are excited about finding new strategies to teach money management to students. So much of our time is spent on careers and colleges, but knowing how to handle their money could make or break a student’s education experience! Hopefully these new workshops will encourage students to be smart with their financial aid packages!

Today I printed off part of our comprehensive scholarship list so that at our next staff meeting, each advisor can review a copy. January and February are totally devoted to local scholarships like the “I on Education” through PEO or the Greeley Stampede scholarship. I want to make sure each advisor is prepared with this information so that when students need work to do, they can just grab an application and get to work.