A Day in the Life …

Heath Middle School

Moriah Alaniz, Academic Advisor

Schools Served: Heath Middle School, Greeley Central High School

Right as soon as winter break ended, I realized that the start of a new quarter is in full swing here at Heath Middle School. I am only at Heath on Mondays and Tuesdays, so that leaves me with a busy workday most weeks. In fact, my first week back from break, I tried to schedule a workshop for the following week and realized that my usual location was booked for three weeks. I needed to act quickly. I scheduled my monthly meeting with my sixth, seventh and eighth graders the following day! I got right to work on getting everything together including the workshop materials, school announcement and printing student passes.

This month’s workshop topic is financial literacy. It is a good thing that I have a binder full of ready to go workshops on hand. For 6th grade, we focused on budgeting and played the “bean game”. Students worked in pairs for this activity. To start, each group was given an occupation along with a certain amount of beans, which represented their income. They also received a game board that pictured different areas in life where we spend money such as housing, food, entertainment, transportation, clothing and savings. Students had to decide where they wanted to spend their money and how much of it. To keep the game interesting and mimic real life, students were given a circumstance card that could be either positive or negative to their financial situation.

Students had fun spending money on a “lavish lifestyle,” but I also noticed several students who budgeted nicely and had money in savings and were able to pay for unforeseen costs such as car repairs. It was a fun simulation to the real world and got the students thinking about needs, wants and financial decision-making.