A Day in the Life …

Franklin Middle School

Janelly Chavez, Academic Advisor

Schools Served: Franklin Middle School and Northridge High School

What my students think I do Vs.
What I actually do

Take Naps!

Watch YouTube videos all day

Help tutor the students

Prepare for workshops

My students are hilarious! Have a conversation with any of my middle schoolers and I promise you one of three things will happen: 1) you will learn something new 2) you will laugh until your stomach hurts 3) you will wish you were in middle school again or all the above! The other day, one of my seventh graders asked me what I do when they are not around, and I told her I prepare for workshops, tutor students, do data entry etc. She then shook her head and said “I thought you took naps or maybe watched YouTube all day, I mean that’s what I would do if I had a big office to myself,” which made me laugh out loud. I then explained that I would not have all these cool workshops planned for them or help them with their grades if that is all I did!

I then began to wonder what my other students thought I did so I went around and asked some of them. Here are some of the responses I received:

“You’re probably on Facebook.”
“I don’t know, working on your laptop maybe?”
“You’re probably on Snapchat taking selfies Miss.”
“Do you eat our snacks?”
“I know you do workshops, but that’s all I know.”

Some of their answers were accurate, but of course, others were just plain funny. I mean I wish I could be eating their snacks all day. These kids are given some of the best snacks; like Hot Cheetos, cup of noodles and some of the best fruit snacks! I wish I could also be on Facebook like they think I am, but the reality is then I would miss out on some of the best interactions I’ve had with my students thus far. I would miss those moments where they come to me with an A on their test. I would miss seeing a student finally pass a test they had to take over and over again. I would miss seeing them excited to learn about colleges during our workshops. I would miss their random visits to my office where all they want to do is tell me about the awesome things they did that weekend. I would not trade what I do for anything in the world. My students are what make my job the greatest!