A Day in the Life …

Winograd K8

Eric Trujillo, Academic Advisor

Schools Served: Bello Romero, Chappelow, Winograd K8

It’s Monday February 26, 2018, and normally I would be at Bella, but today is different. I was asked to help Winograd chaperone 6th graders on their trip to Aims Community College. I arrive at the school by 8 o’clock and learn that the field trip will begin at 9 a.m. I head upstairs to my office and start my morning routine.  After checking my emails and completing the Monthly Advisor Report and Student of the Month worksheets, I notice that the time is now 8:45am. I decide to pack up my things and place them in my truck.

I head to the Winograd lobby where I sit at the coffee table waiting for the announcement to release the 6th graders for their trip. Looking at my watch I notice that the time is 8:52 am, just enough time to read the comics in today’s paper.  A few minutes later, Mrs. Faganell, the school counselor, gives me the low down for today’s events. She tells me that I am in charge of group 1 which is comprised of 12 of my very own 6th grade Dream Team Students. She says to sit tight and we will begin shortly.

At around 9:40am the bus arrives and we begin to load students and head for Aims. Upon arriving at Aims we are greeted by an admissions ambassadors who takes my group on a tour of the campus. Most students assume that since Aims is a community college, it must be a small campus. Contrary to popular belief, Aims actually feels like any regular size college campus. Their rec center is marvelous!

During the tour my students asked questions that ranged from:

  • Where do you live on campus?
  • Is the cafeteria food good?
  • Can we try out the flight simulator?
  • Can we build drones?
  • What do you need to do to enter the Police Academy?
  • Does Aims cost a lot of money?

After the tour, we sat in on a Q&A session of two current Aims students. My students, enticed by candy if they speak up, began to ask some interesting questions. The most entertaining and informative included:

  • Are you allowed to ditch class?
  • Can you choose what time you would like your class to start?
  • How many days do you go to school?
  • Are there any sports teams?
  • How much do you pay for classes at Aims?
  • Are the tests hard?

Once the Q&A was finished, the students received folders with info about Aims and loaded back on the bus. We arrived back at Winograd just in time for the students to begin lunch and recess. Overall the field trip was a success. It was also my first field trip with Winograd students so now I know what to expect when we do our own Dream Team field trips!