A Day in the Life …

Greeley West High School



Karla Lerma Banda, Academic Advisor

Schools Served: Prairie Heights Middle School, Greeley West High School


“Miss, can you write me a letter of recommendation?”

“Yes, when is it due?”

“In an hour.”

Welcome to my day as an advisor at Greeley West High School! It looks like my seniors are still learning time management skills because these last minute requests are common! It does not matter how many reminders go out, turning in items last minutes seems to be a goal. Aside from witting letters of recommendation last minute, we have worked on FAFSA, college applications and scholarships. The seniors are aware of what they have to do and will show up to the office to work on what needs to be completed. My door is constantly in use!

Not only do I get to work with seniors but underclassmen as well. They mainly come to visit for the snacks. They come in, start talking, and slowly move towards the snacks. It’s always funny to see the look a student gives you when you “discover” what they are doing. Hopefully I can get in a grade check before they reach that snack drawer!

On a typical day, I will look for students who I have not seen in a while and try to catch up with them. The fun part at West is finding rooms you have never been to because they are hidden or the doors are outside instead of inside. West is a maze all on its own. When I am not looking for students I am completing data or emailing colleges and universities about seniors’ applications.

There is no typical day of the week at West especially with the stories shared in the office from bad tummy aches to getting a new job; it all happens in the Dream Team/Gear Up office.

Time to get back to work on that recommendation! It is due in an hour after all.

“To the admissions office of CSU: It is with great pleasure I recommend …”