We all know how the Dream Team program is during school. But what is the program like in the summer? As their intern, I can tell you that it is busy as well. My name is Adamary Ortiz Ahumada, and I am an incoming senior at Greeley West High School. I am also a student in the Dream Team Program. I got the opportunity to be the Dream Team’s intern because of the District 6 Career Explore Internship program, and through it, I am able to see how the program helps you even after you graduate high school.

Every Monday morning the staff has a meeting to see how the week will go and what the following weeks will contain. By that morning I know how to plan my week and what projects I have to complete. Some of the projects that I do are researching information for Daniel’s Fund, alphabetizing all the reports from the school year, helping to organize files in the master files, etc.

When I first started this internship, I was able to attend the high school and middle school summer field trips. The high school overnight was a great way to prepare you or give you an idea of your future. It told us that it is okay to either go to a four-year university or a two-year community college. The middle school field trips consisted of three days of adventure. I was able to meet other students that are also in the program. These field trips were more focused on discovery and learning, and I was able to experience the difference between the specific groups of students.

In the office, I helped input surveys into the electronic file. During that project, I saw that the advisors are really on top of things. In school, they help us by explaining scholarships or helping us improve our grades to graduate on time. But over the summer they were contacting their graduates to see if they are getting everything prepared before they go to college and organizing their work before their summer break. This way they will know what the next school year will consist of.

The environment in the office is very light-hearted and welcoming. The staff not only makes you feel like a person that is working with them, but they also care because they help with your future or they ask how you are doing and check up on you personally. They are the family that can help you when your family can’t help you with college questions.

In order to answer the question, do we know how the program is like in the summer? I can answer that they help you even after graduating high school by checking if the college is the right fit for you or helping you prepare for college before you start your senior year. Two months in the internship program, I was able to learn a lot of things that I can use to help me in the future. I am able to see that they will continue helping me to get to college and make both my family and them proud.