Spending time social distancing in quarantine is good for your health, but it can tend to be a little less-than entertaining. Keep reading for some ideas, tips, and tricks (that don’t involve binge-watching your favorite show) for how to make sure you have fun ways to be productive and adjust to this interruption to your routine.

  1. Stay in touch! Phones and social media can go a long way towards helping you connect with your friends and loved ones even when you’re isolated in your individual houses. Make sure to check on your friends and family to make your mandated isolation less isolating.
  2. Keep the simple things in mind. Especially if you begin your traditional days with work or school, make sure you have a plan for your mornings to help you keep a routine.
    • Work out, and maybe try out something new!
    • Learn to cook or bake a few new simple recipes that you can make with kitchen staples. You might even be able to teach a thing or two to someone!
    • Clean! Move the couch and vacuum under it, scrub those hard-to-reach corners in your bathroom, maybe finally clean your oven.
    • Read and write! Who knows, maybe you’ll write a world-famous novel.
    • Bust out the art supplies and DIY your way to a new gallery wall!
    • Play board and card games with your family/roommates.
    • Pick up a new hobby! Put together a puzzle, dust off your old saxophone from high school, learn to knit, teach yourself a new language with Duolingo….
  3. Tour world-famous museums from the comfort of your couch! Google Arts and Culture offers virtual tours of hundreds of museums, both in the United States and across the world. It will let you see the museum exhibits and art as if you were there. Plus, you can tell people you’ve kind of been to the MET.
  4. Tune in to watch zoo and aquarium webcams to see animals in real-time!
  5. Listen to and participate in fun virtual events for people of all ages!
  6. Take advantage of free lesson tools to keep learning when schools are closed.
    • Khan Academy– Free differentiated learning resources for learners at all levels
    • IXL– K-12 curriculum, individualized guidance, and real-time analytics, IXL meets the unique needs of each learner
    • Quizlet– Provides engaging, customizable activities with contributions from people everywhere
    • CK-12– Enabling everyone to learn in his or her own way
    • Age of Learning– Free access to ABC Mouse, Adventure Academy, and Reading IQ; redeem with code: School7771 for K-8 parents and teachers
    • PBS Design Squad– A project-based learning resource for students of any age
    • Tynker– Provides grade-specific STEM content; Free access through May 2020

Staying productive and having fun will help make your time in quarantine less dull. Remember, the reason quarantine exists is to keep you and others safe from getting sick. Wash your hands, stay home unless you absolutely have to leave, and take this time to relax and not stress.