Gearing up for a new year in college can be stressful, especially because your day-to-day schedule can look nothing like it did when you were in high school. We have some suggestions for things you can resolve to do in 2020 that will make your next semester run smoothly.

  • Do all of the reading for your classes.
    It can be difficult to get those 20 pages of that textbook read before class, especially with work and other things taking up your schedule. You can make sure to try and get at least most of your reading done in advance to make your comprehension a little stronger.
  • Make your bed every morning.
    You might have to bump your alarm back a few minutes to yank your sheets back into place every morning, but slipping into a made bed every night can make things feel much nicer and help you sleep longer and better.
  • Find a spot to study, and use it all year.
    Studying in a dorm room, apartment, or at home can be distracting. Find a spot in the library, campus commons, or even a lounge spot in the academic building you frequent the most to hunker down with your notes and textbooks while you study. It’ll help to put your phone on silent and somewhere out of sight, too.
  • Try to eat at least one healthy thing every day.
    A college diet tends to consist of what’s fast, what you can shove in the microwave, and what’s available in the cafeteria. You can help start your year off strong for both your mental and physical health by trying to eat something healthy every day. You don’t have to eat a whole head of broccoli every day, but at least you’ll feel better.
  • Get to know your advisors.
    Not just Dream Team advisors, but your academic advisors at school can be vital assets to helping you succeed in school. Get to know them! They can be helpful connections for letters of recommendation, character reference calls for employment, and even for getting into another level of schooling if you choose to.
  • Get more sleep.
    If you’re constantly wondering why you’re tired, it’s probably because you’ve been pulling one too many all-nighters. Especially during the week, resolving to go to bed a little bit earlier can help you pay better attention in class and have an easier time overall.
  • Attend every class, every time, no exceptions.
    Unless something actually prevents you from going to class (and no, an actual reason to miss class isn’t hitting your snooze button one too many times or not wanting to go), GO. It can be tempting to not show up to class, especially when it’s in a big lecture hall, but remember that that class will get you one step closer to your degree. That, and you (regardless of if your class is paid for through a scholarship, grant, or loan) are PAYING to ditch class.
  • Remember to take breaks.
    Studying for long periods of time, or trying to do all of your homework in one sitting can seriously wear you out. Take breaks, even if you have to set a timer, to sit down, take a breath, and do something that isn’t your massive essay for World Literature class.
  • Double-check your work schedule.
    If your job is totally unwilling to accommodate your education, look for another one. If you need a job, check out on-campus opportunities! Don’t be afraid to work “weird” hours, because if you can structure a job or internship with your schooling, it not only looks amazing on a resume, but it also makes life much easier.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
    School can be tough. Don’t be afraid to ask your advisors for help, and don’t be afraid to contact mental health resources on campus or in town to help you get through school. Going to tutoring or therapy is nothing to be ashamed of, especially when it results in a healthier, happier you.

Goodbye, 2019! Here’s to a great 2020!