High school is over and college is right around the corner. Whether you loved or hated high school, college is an entirely different adventure. In this blog, we’re sharing advice you might not always hear when you take your first steps towards your college degree! Remember to reach out to us, because you’re still in the Dream Team after you graduate high school! You will join our Alumni Program and meet our Alumni Advisors!

For Living Away from Home…

  • Communicate with your roommate(s)! Set clear expectations about cleaning the space, what’s communal and what’s not, visitor rules, etc. Communicate early so that when an issue occurs (and an issue will occur!), you know how to solve the issue before it becomes a fight.
  • If you live on campus, figure out how the mailroom works early on so you know how to pick up your mail and packages.
  • Write to your parents.
  • Do your laundry. Or learn how to do your laundry.
  • Change your sheets every month at the very least.

For Cooking and Eating…

  • Don’t microwave seafood, it smells disgusting.
  • Don’t put aluminum foil in the microwave. It will start a fire.
  • Clean your microwave occasionally.
  • Don’t be afraid to cook in campus kitchens. It can be a nice break from microwave meals and the stuff you can have in the dining hall.
  • Eat in the dining hall and sit with people from your classes. Introduce yourself to people. Find the other lone person and sit with them. Just get out of your comfort zone to find friends while bonding over never-ending waffles.

For Finding Your Niche…

  • Go to the social events at the beginning of the year. They’re a good way to get out of your comfort zone and make lifelong friends.
  • If you’re living at home, find a place on campus to study. Look for a space specific to off-campus students (sometimes called a commuter center). Hang out there, study, grab food, meet people.
  • Go to the work-study job fair. Go to the clubs and intramurals fair. Go to the back-to-school fair. Go for the free food, the connections, and the prizes.
  • If you’re overwhelmed by all the changes, find a productive and healthy activity to engage in regularly. Try going to the gym, talking walks around campus, pick up some art supplies, play an instrument…

For Getting Settled…

  • Be kind and courteous to the office staff, custodians, librarians, and other faculty that you interact with regularly outside of class.
  • Walk around campus before classes start to find your classrooms.
  • Go to office hours for your professors. This is when they’ll explain concepts you didn’t understand in class or help you with assignments.
  • Find a work study job ASAP. All the best ones get taken first.
  • Go to a tutor if you need one.
  • Don’t be afraid of counseling. Campuses have confidential resources you can go to when you need help.

Remember, you’re still in the Dream Team after you graduate high school. Reach out to your Advisors to help get you more in touch with our Alumni Program!

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