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Day in the Life for an Intern: Meet Adamary!

We all know how the Dream Team program is during school. But what is the program like in the summer? As their intern, I can tell you that it is busy as well. My name is Adamary Ortiz Ahumada, and I am an incoming senior at Greeley West High School. I am also a student...

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2019 Summer Newsletter

Our Summer 2019 Newsletter is out! To access a digital version, click on the image below!  Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list to never miss an update and get future newsletters like this sent straight to your inbox! <!-- Begin Mailchimp Signup Form...

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Why We Host a School Supply Drive

Every year, we host Drive for Success, a school supply drive for vital school supplies for students in Greeley-Evans School District 6. This helps provide our students with the supplies that they may not otherwise get due to budget constraints. Donations of brand-new...

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Alumni Spotlight: Adrian & Jesus Quinones Rivas

For this month's Alumni Spotlight, we are focusing on Adrian and Quinones Rivas, two of our 2015 graduates! We are extremely proud of them, and we cannot wait to see where life takes them both! High School Attended: Northridge High School Class of 2015 Undergraduate...

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Summer 2019 in Greeley: 10 Activities for Less Than $50

While playing in the park and splashing in the pool are great ways to spend your summer vacation, there’s much more to do in Greeley! In this blog, we’re sharing ten fun summer activities that won’t cost you more than $50! Summer Food Service Program Date(s): Runs...

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Dear Graduating Seniors: Advice for Life After High School

Senior year is almost over, and graduation will be here before you know it! To help our graduating seniors prepare for life after high school, our staff members have shared both their advice and the advice they wish they had been given! General Advice for Seniors...

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Tips for Starting High School

The transition between middle school and high school can be scary, so we’ve put together some tips to help make it easier! While some of these changes won’t kick in until you’re actually in high school, they’re still important to remember. Participate in things you’re...

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What Does the Dream Team Mean to You?

We have the privilege of working with amazing students every day, and you have seen us gush over their accomplishments, share their stories, and take them on adventures. What do they think, though? We asked some of our students to answer this question. WHAT DOES THE...

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Encourage a Young Writer Day

Finding the motivation to sit down and write can be difficult. Maybe all your drafts feel repetitive. Maybe that empty page brings butterflies to your stomach. Maybe the siren song of the internet is more enticing than an hour or two of free writing. Even for those...

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I Got Accepted to College…Now What?

You’ve already made it through the process of applying to college, and you’ve settled on which one you want to be your home away from home for the next few years. Though you’ve made this decision, there are several more steps before you can get onto campus! Review...

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The Importance of Workshops

We often post about workshops happening at our schools. Workshops are far more than a group of students spending time with each other and their advisor while they have snacks and play games. Every time a student attends a workshop, they gain knowledge about their...

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How to Make Your Scholarship Application Shine

It’s scholarship season! Many applications are due in March, so now is the time to make that application shine. Here are some tips for making sure your scholarship application stands out: Scholarships vary in what they require. It’s important to pay attention to the...

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