About the Greeley Dream Team

What is the Greeley Dream Team?

The Greeley Dream Team is a non-profit organization that has worked collaboratively with Greeley-Evans School District 6 since our inception in 1987. Our mission is “To Partner with the Community to Help Children Succeed in School.”

Our organization serves a diverse population of over 1,300 students through programs funded by federal, state, and local grants. The majority of the students we serve are first-generation college students and come from limited-income families. Assistance through our many partnerships allows us to provide a variety of group and one-on-one services that support student success in school.


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History of the Greeley Dream Team

In late 1986, a group of community leaders recognized the severity of the school dropout problem and its impact on the quality of life. These leaders, like leaders in other communities, understood the complex nature of the dropout problem. That is, the dropout problem is not exclusively an educational problem, but rather one impacting several social and economic dimensions. Research has identified many reasons for the problem. School attendance, achievement, and poverty emerge, however, as the primary causes. Most importantly, this group recognized the need to have a community-wide approach to solving the dropout problem.

Thus, The Greeley Dream Team, Inc. was formed by these concerned community volunteers to meet this challenge. The Greeley community developed a comprehensive Dream Team Scholars project designed to promote a culture of success, support, and care for a group of 200 sixth graders each year for six years. The Dream Team Scholars project enrolled its first 6th Grade Class in the fall of 1988. Upon completion of high school, each participant was eligible to receive up to $2,000 for use in a post-secondary training or education program.

Many lessons were learned over the life span of this program. The main lesson was that a far off reward, in itself, was insufficient to foster school success for many low-income, at-risk children and youth. It became clear that intensive support services were needed to guide these students throughout their school experience.

Over the 31-year history of The Greeley Dream Team, we have been involved with numerous projects, including GEAR UP, the McKinney Vento Program, Tony Grampsas Youth Services Grant, and Tutoring Services, to name a few.

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