A Day in the Life …

Behind the Scenes – The Main Office

Blessed Hartoebben, Administrative Assistant

Schools Served: All Schools!

Being the Admin Assistant for such an amazing organization is a very unique experience! If you are one of the lucky ones to come into the main office I’ll be the first face you see. Often it is challenging to explain what it is I do because it is different every day and that’s the way I like it! One day I may be planning a week of social media posts, or I could be knee deep in event planning for the Awards Banquet. Often I am asked to perform my digital design wizardry over projects that need to be designed or freshened up. One very fun example of that is our new Dream Team board game, College Success! College Success started as a game that our Central and Heath advisor Moriah tested out in a workshop. I turned it into a board game by designing all the cards, a playing mat with Colorado colleges in the background and a box to put it in! Those are the fun extra things I do to help make workshops fun.

The snacks the students rave about? One of my favorite things to find! We, like many other local organizations, partner with the Weld County Food Bank. I make it my mission to attend each Extravaganza event to hunt down the best snacks they have! Think of it like ‘The Black Friday of Snacks’. Each time they have an Extravaganza for local organizations, the authorized users line up at the Food Bank door before 8 am to search through bins of snack gold! Each time is different, but by shopping there, we are able to provide snacks to all our students for pennies and in turn keep their minds focused on their work and not their stomachs.

Outside of supporting the staff and students with design support and food shopping, I play a major behind-the-scenes role in planning all our events both minor and once-in-a-lifetime. From the little details of how the centerpieces are put together to the major things like invitations and memorizing that guest list! Our big events and fundraising is something I am very passionate about. It is a time where we ALL come together, students, advisors, Greeley- Evans School District employees and community members to support the students we serve. There is always a little bit of awe in the air at our events when we share our students’ stories.

Spring semester is always exciting planning several small fundraisers, the Honors Scholarship Awards Banquet and Fairway to the Future Golf Tournament! There are a lot of fun details that need to be done and I am just the Admin Assistant to do them. From invitations to mass mailings, email reminders and social media post our Executive Director, Elizabeth, collaborates with me to make sure all these events go smoothly and we are able to reach our fundraising goals!

Recently I was asked what my favorite part of my job is and for me it is sharing our mission and all the great work our students accomplish with the community. It’s often said that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and I like to think of us as bringing that ‘village’ to our students every chance we can.