A Day in the Life … Desiree Maldonado

UNC Intern

Desiree Maldonado, UNC Intern


This past spring, I had no idea where I wanted to complete my internship for my last semester as a UNC Bear. After a few weeks of looking into different options I had received from my advisor, I was feeling so unsure of what path to take. When I was about to just pick a random job, I saw a few different posts from one of my friends on Facebook. She was an advisor here at The Greeley Dream Team. Her posts reminded me of a similar program we did in high school called Upward Bound. I remember what that program had done for me, and her post left me wanting to know more. I immediately messaged her and had her give me some details so I could set up an interview. Fast forward to today, and I am here working in the office with some amazing people. I am a few weeks into my internship now with The Greeley Dream Team and deciding to join them has been one of the best decisions! People say, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life,” and that is exactly how I have been feeling while I work with this program!

My day usually begins with friendly smiles and awesome energy from the Dream Team staff as I walk through the door. I then start checking emails and discussing schedules and chatting a bit, which has been a great change from my other office job where it is just me in the office all day while I talk to myself. From there I take on my tasks for the day, which consists of things like looking for decorations for different events, making copies, shopping for supplies, going to meetings, etc. To add to the awesome things I do here, this week, I get to start working with the students whom I have heard so many great things about and tutor them.

As I mentioned earlier, I was a part of a similar program when I was a high school student several years ago. As a student in U.B. I only saw the student side of things such as the workshops, advising, tutoring, and field trips. It is so different to see the staff side of it now. I had no idea how much planning and organizing went into everything we did thanks to our advisors and the staff. Seeing how much work the staff and advisors here at The Greeley Dream Team put into their students has given me a much greater appreciation for the advisors and staff I had as a kid. As I continue this internship, I look forward to continuing to learn from this program and am excited to see the impact I will make here and with our students!