A Day in the Life …

Alumni Program!

Ray Rios, Alumni Advisor

Schools Served: All High School Program Seniors, Aims Community College, University of Northern Colorado and More!

Hello, my name is Ray Rios and I am the Alumni Advisor. I have been working with The Greeley Dream Team for about four months now. I remember my first day on the job like it was yesterday. This is my first “big boy” job as some people like to put it, so naturally I was a nervous wreck. Liz and Sarah sat down with me to explain my position in great detail. I was so impressed with their organizational skills, they had my entire year planned out and more! I can’t even plan a game night with my friends let alone plan out someone else’s year. We continued to talk about the vision both Liz and Sarah have regarding the Alumni Advisor position.

After being bombarded with so much information, it was time for lunch. We all went out to eat at Smash Burger and talked about what inspires us to want to help our community. The conversation was really insightful. I can tell they are really passionate and care about their community. This made me feel more comfortable because we have that in common.

Being born and raised in Greeley and growing up here really made me who I am. I have developed this passion for helping students reach their educational goals, because I was in the same boat. Had I not been part of TRiO myself, I probably would have been on a different path in life. I can empathize with most of our students because we come from similar backgrounds.

Helping out my community like this is a dream come true. I am blessed beyond measure to be working for this program and being part of such an amazing group of individuals. Peter Parker’s grandfather said it the best “With great power comes great responsibility,” and that is an accurate description on how I feel. I am in a position where I have the ability to positively impact my students. I hope to play a huge role in helping them achieve their life goals. So far, I feel I’ve been doing my job well. I have been getting to know all my students, and I am developing healthy and meaningful relationships with them. College can be a very intimidating space, so I plan on hosting a wide variety of workshops that will benefit our students regardless of which college/university they choose to attend. I’m grateful for this opportunity and I look forward helping all of our students.